Hi, I'm Brandon.

I'm a London-based, northern-born medical student with a first-class degree in Biomedical Science.

I tutor GCSE science.

What you get...

The usual stuff.

Given that I'm a tutor it's perhaps unsurprising that I will work with you to improve your understanding of science, help you to identify gaps in your knowledge, and try to make our sessions stimulating and enjoyable. I try to culture a relaxed learning environment where you'll be able to make, and learn from, mistakes. Our sessions will be collaborative, with you having significant input into what we do, and there won't be any lecturing (unless you find that useful!).

Balanced tutoring.

Academics aside, GCSEs can be very stressful, especially if you have academic aspirations. As emotional wellbeing is as important as academic competence, I'll help you to address any academic anxieties or motivation and procrastination issues you may have. I'll also be sympathetic towards any physical or mental health issues.

Regular updates.

I'm happy to provide regular feedback on your child's progress. I can offer a quick summary after each session detailing any difficulties, what we covered, and my plan for the next session. If the idea of 'sessionly' summaries doesn't appeal, I can wrap this feedback up into a monthly summary. I'm also happy to discuss any concerns you might have and offer my (hopefully) helpful opinion!

Study skills.

In addition to normal tuition activities, I'm particularly interested in teaching evidence-based study techniques. Many students utilise inefficient techniques which make understanding and retaining information more difficult; by making some small changes to your revision, we may be able to make significant improvements.


I will be available outside of study sessions should anything pop up. I am more than happy to answer questions and clarify confusing topics, but please don't message me about photosynthesis at 3am...

Continued support.

I genuinely want you to succeed, and I'll do my best to aid you in academic and non-academic endeavours; I aim to provide as much support as I reasonably can to help you achieve your goals.

A brief introduction 👋

I started high school in 2007 and achieved 10 A/A* at GCSE. I went on to study Biology, Chemistry, and Computing achieving A*A*A* with an average of 95% in my second-year exams.

In 2014, I moved to London to study Biomedical Science at King’s College London where I graduated with a first class honours degree. During my time at King’s, I participated in a number of research projects in the fields of hepatology, immunology, and clinical medicine.

In my second year at King’s I successfully applied for entry to Medicine at UCL, a university ranked 7th in the world, where I am currently a medical student.

I was born in Wigan but moved to London in 2014 to start university. I currently live in Marylebone with my girlfriend of 4 years and our (adorable) hamsters. I have a general interest in computers and technology, and I’m currently dabbling in medical illustration.

In my spare time, I am producing a series of videos covering the GCSE science specification which I hope to release sometime this year. I also volunteer where I help over-60s with technology.

In my less productive spare time, I tend to be playing video games (currently R6 Siege and DOS2!) with friends.

£20 per hour

(I thought I'd make it obvious)

This includes travel within 30 minutes of Baker Street (as determined by CityMapper). For longer distances, I charge the travel cost from Baker Street, which can be found on TfL's website.

So, shall we make it official? 💍

You might be seeing me regularly for the next few months, so I propose we organise a short session where we can discuss your needs and see if I'm a good fit.

If not, I promise I won't take it personally!